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X Dormition of Mother of God. Christ is receiving Her Soul as infant. Angel of the Lord is behind the shining sphere. Mother of God is surrounded by twelve Apostles: Peter and Paul ( ca. 67), Simon Zelotes, Philip (1st C), Evangelist John the Theologian ( early 2nd C.), Holy Apostle (of the Seventy) and Evangelist Luke (1st C), Evangelist Matthew ( 60), James son of Zebedee ( 44), Holy Apostle (of the Seventy) and Evangelist Mark ( 63), Andrew the First-Called ( 62). Also Hieromartyr Dionysius the Areopagite, Bishop of Athens and Apostle [of the Seventy, 96] and Hieromartyr Hierotheos the Bishop of Athens [Ierofey, 1st C.] on sides. Holy Martyrs and Passion-Bearers princes Boris and Gleb [in Holy Baptism - Roman and David, 1015] with Holy Virgin Martyr Tatiana of Rome ( 226-235) and Holy Great-martyr Paraskeva of Iconium (3rd C) above. The Angel of God cut off the ahnds of the Jewish priest Athonios which had touched the grave. Blessed Maxim of Moscow, the Fool-for-Christ [Maksim, 1434] and Saint on sides. The Angels of Lord are bringing Holy Apostles above on the clouds.

72.5 x 57.3 x 2.8 cm  
29.0" x 22.9" x 1.12" inches

XVIII Century


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