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    X Mother of God of Burning Bush surrounded by Angels in the blue star. Four Evangelists: Holy Apostle Matthew ( 60) as Angel, Holy Apostle John the Theologian (2nd C.) as winged Lion, Holy Apostle (of the Seventy) Mark ( 63) as winged the Eagle, Holy Apostle Luke (1st C) as winged Ox in the red star. The left upper corner is the vision of Moses the Burning Bush on the mountain of Sinai. The upper right corner is the prophet Isaiah's vision of Cherub with burning coal. In the lower left corner is the prophet Ezekiel's vision of the Gate to the East. The lower right corner depicts the ladder of Jacob's vision. The icon is with kovcheg in silver gold plated basma.

31.3 x 28.5 x 3.5 cm  
12.52" x 11.4" x 1.4 inches

the second part of XVII Century


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