Abalakskaya  icon of the Mother of God "The Sign" 


The original icon was painted by Matfy, Protodeacon of the Tobolsk Cathedral Church. The creation of the icon was preceded by a vision that pious widow by the name of Maria had in a dream: she saw an Icon of the Mother of God ''The Sign" floating in midair. On the sides of the icon were the figures of St. Nicholas the Miracle-Worker and St. Mary of Egypt. A voice that seemed to be coming from the holy image demanded that Maria should tell the people about her vision and that a new church dedicated to the Icon of the Mother of God "The Sign," similar to the church in the old city of Novgorod, with side chapels of St. Nicholas the Miracle-Worker and St. Mary of Egypt, should be built at the cemetery. Maria, however, did not quite believe in that dream and kept silent about it. But Maria had the same vision three more times, after which she, full of fear, was compelled to tell Archbishop Nektary and the people about them. He gave his blessing to the construction of the church. By the time of its completion Protodeacon Matfy had painted the Abalakskaya Icon of the Mother of God and it was installed in the new church. In 1783, a monastery where the miracle-working icon was subsequently placed was founded on the site of the cemetery. In the course of time, the icon became famous for numerous miracles and cures. Feast days: July 20/August 2, November 27 December 10.