Balykino icon of the Mother of God


The invention of this miracle-working icon occurred at the village of Balykino, Starodub Uyezd, Chernigov Gubernia, on June 30, 1711. It was owned by a landowner by the name of Dulsky. During the Swedish War, when the enemy was passing near the town of Starodub, traces of the Theotokos' tears appeared on the icon, Dulsky vowed that he would donate the icon to the church that was being built at Balykino, but then he delayed keeping his vow. Soon the Mother of God appeared to him in a dream and commanded that he fulfil his promise. Dulsky, however, still hesitated. Then the Mother of God once again appeared to him in a dream, this time threatening him with punishment. On August 4, Dutsky turned the icon over to the church. The original icon was painted on canvas. The Most Holy Virgin is shown in this icon wearing a diadem and looking down at the Infant lying in Her lap. The icon was famous for numerous cures. Feast day: June 30,/July 13.