Burning Bush


"...As the bush was buming but not consumed, so didst thou give birth while yet a Virgin" (Oktoechos, Theotokian from the Second Tone).

Sometimes the Mother of God is shown in a buming bush and sometimes, iiiside an eight-pointed star formed of two quadrangles with acute angles and concave sides. One of the quadrangles is red, symbolizing the lire enveloping the bush, and the other—green, the natual color ofthe bush. In its center in a circle is the Most Holy Thetokos with the Pre-Eternal Infant and round Them are representations of the beasts mentioned in the Apocalypse—a lion, an eagle, and a calf, and archangels with their symbolic attributes: Michael (who is like God) with a staff, Raphael (God hath healed) with an alabaster, Uriel (light of God) with a sword of fire, Salaphiel (God's prayer) with a Censer, and Barachel (God's blessing) with a bunch of grapes. The Mother of God is holding in Her hands the Ladder symbolizing the path leading believers to Heaven. Sometimes the Mother ofGod is represented with a staff—a symbol ofthe Savior, Who is called in hymns "the Rod ofthe Root of Jesse'—in Her hand. Feast days: September 4/17 and the sixth week after Easter.