This icon was donated in 1S42 to the cave Church of St. Michael the Archistrategus at the Gethsemane Skete by a young woman by the name of Alexandra Filippova. The icon, painted on a piece of canvas in the 18th century, is an exact copy of the Ilyinskaya-Chernigov Icon of the Mother of God, only smaller in si7c. On September 1, 3869, Fekla Adrianova, a peasant woman living in the Tula Gubernia, who had for nine years been suffering from palsy, was suddenly healed when she was brought near the icon. All of a sudden she cried, "Let go of me," then got to her feet and, with tears of tender emotion in her eyes, prostrated herself before the holy image. After that the woman was able to walk unaided and only felt certain weakness in her legs-Metropolitan Innokenty of Moscow personally questioned the healed woman and on September 26 ordered a divine service to be conducted before the icon. Since that time, the icon began to work various miracles. Feast days: April 16/29 and September 1/14,