Conversational icon of Mother of God

The origin of this icon's subject is connected with the life of the great miracle-working Tikhvin Icon of the Mother of God. Upon completion of the construction of a church on the site of its appearance, its sexton by the name of Georgy (Yuri) was sent to the neighboring villages to announce the day of its consecration. Walking through the woods not far from the church, he saw the Mother of God bathed in heavenly light. She was sitting on a pine log, holding a staff in Her hand, and standing before Her was a man arrayed in hierarchal vestments, looking very much like St. Nicholas the Miracle-Worker. After Georgy told the people about this miraculous vision, an icon was painted and began to be locally revered. Icons featuring this subject have been in existence from olden times, but its copies became famous later, beginning from the mid-19th century, Its feast day, instituted in 1383, is celebrated on August 14/27.