Cyprus- Stromyn icon of the Mother of God


This icon was invented in Cyprus at the place of entombment of St. Lazarus "of the Four Days," Bishop of Kition. Its original is kept in the monastery established on the site of its invention. One of the copies of this miracle-working icon became famous in Russia at the village of Stromyn, 62 versts from Moscow, back in 1841. One Mavra Alexeyeva, an 18-year-old girl, suffered from jaundice and scurvy since her childhood. The attacks of the disease gradually grew stronger and finally she fell into a state of generalized weakness. Soon the Cyprus Icon of the Mother of God began to appear to her in her dreams. One night she heard a voice that said to her: "Take me to your home and have a divine service with the blessing of water celebrated before me: then you will be restored to good health." The invalid's grandfather and father invited the priest of the parish Church of the Dormition where the icon was kept and he conducted a divine service with the blessing of water. Mavra was healed. Since that time, the icon became famous thanks to countless miracles and cures. Feast days: first week of Great Lent, April 20/May 3, Day of the Holy Spirit, and July 9/22.