Gerbovetskaya icon of the Mother of God

This icon of the Mother of God, known since 1790, is kept at the Gerbovetsky Monastery of the Dormition 60 kilometers from Kishinev. Although it had wrought many miracles and cures, it was only in 1859 declared miracle-working. Every year by October 1 the icon is carried in a solemn procession from the cloister to the Church of the Holy Cross of the Lord in Kishinev and on April 23 it is returned to the monastery. During these days, numerous pilgrims from various places gather for the procession and quite a few of them are healed. Particularly famous among the cures wrought by the icon was the cure of a paralytic woman in 1860 and in 1861, of a priest from the village of Gordineshti, who had for six months been suffering from an exhausting fever. The original miracle-working icon was painted on canvas glued on to a linden panel. Feast day: October 1/14.