Greben icon of the Mother of God  

In 1380, after the victory won over Khan Mamai, Grand Duke Dimitri Donskoi of Muscovy went along the Don River to the Cossack village of Grebe.n and he took the Greben Icon of the Mother of God from its church. On his arrival in Moscow, he installed the holy image in the Cathedral of the Dormition in the Moscow Kremlin. In 1471, following the suppression of Novgorod, Grand Duke Ivan the Great, fulfilling his solemn vow, built a wooden church dedicated to the Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos into which he translated the old icon. Later on, a stone Church of Ihe Greben Icon of the Mother of God was built in Lubyanka Street where the holy image was kept until the demolition of the church in the 1930's, The icon has wrought numerous miracles. Thus, having prayed before it, Ivan the Great became the father of a male heir, Vassily. It helped the Russian volunteer corps to win a victory over Polish invaders in the fight in Sretenka Street in Moscow (1612). The icon also cured mad lunatics, blind people and those suffering from the palsy and saved people's houses from fires. Feast day: July 28/August 10.