Icon of the Mother of God "Joy Unhoped- For"

The subject of This icon is described in the treatise Fleece Wet with Dew by St.Dimitry. the Metropolitan of Rostov. A certain man was in the habit of saying [he words of the Archangel Gabriel's greeting, "Hail, tliou that art highly favored, the Lord is with thee." by way of prayer. One day, having decided to commit a misdeed, he offered nis usual prayer to the Mother of God and suddenly saw that the Virgin Mary appeared alive in the icon and the Infant's wound*, opened and blood began to stream from them. The man cried in terror: "0 Lady, who did this?" "You and other sinners, because of your sins, are once again crucifying My Son the way the Jews of old did/1 answered the Most Holy Theotokos. The man repented and begged Her for mercy and forgiveness. The Mother of Cod three times begged Her Son to forgive the sinner. Finally Jesus heeded Her prayers, but commanded the sinner to kiss His wounds. The sinner obeyed the Lord's command and was forgiven. Later on, copies of this icon were glorified by numerous cures. Feast day: December 9/22.