Kasperovskaya icon of the Mother of God 

According to a legend, this icon appeared in Russia in the mid-18th century, having been brought here from Serbia. It is somewhat similar to the Korsun Icon of the Mother of God, but, as distinct from it, this icon has representations of two saints—St.John the Baptist and St.Tatiana the Martyr—in the margins. The icon began to be particularly revered in February 1840, after its renovation in the house of luliania Kasperova, a woman landowner living in the Kherson Gubernia. One night she prayed for a long time before an icon of the Mother of God, begging Her to ease the misery that had befallen her. Suddenly she noticed that the faces of the Mother of God and of the Savior became bright and new again. Soon the icon was recognized as miracle-working and subsequently became famous for numerous miracles. In 1853-1855. the icon protected the city of Odessa from enemy troops. Feast days: June 29/July 12, October 1/14 and Bright Wednesday.