Kazan icon of the Mother of God 

In 1579, the house of one strelets (soldier) burnt down during a fire in the city of Kazan. When he decided to build a new house where his old one used to stand, the Mother of God appeared in a dream to his nine-year-old daughter Matrona. The Most Holy Theotokos told Matrona that Her icon lay hidden in the ground on the site of the house destroyed by the fire and commanded her to announce this to the archbishop and the voivodes (governing officers). Her instructions, however, were not fulfilled. Then the Mother of God once again appeared to Matrona. This time the girl saw rays of fire emanating from Her and heard a thundering voice demanding that she should tell the authorities about the icon. Matrona's mother heeded her daughter's request and went to see the archbishop and the voivodes, but they did not believe her. Having returned home, she began to dig the earth at the indicated spot, but with no result. It was only when her daughter took the spade that the holy image was found and extracted from the earth. Wrapped in a sleeve of a threadbare dark-red garment, it was very bright and neither the panel nor the paintwork had any traces of damage. As soon as the news of the miraculous appearance of the icon spread over the city. Archbishop leremia, accompanied by the voivodes, arrived at the site and tearfully begged the Most Holy Theotokos' forgiveness. The holy image was first placed in the Church of the Tula Icon of St. Nicholas and then, after a divine service, moved to the Cathedral of the Annunciation in Kazan. Feast days: July 8/2! and October 22/November 4.