Konevets icon of Mother of God " The Dove"

The history of this icon, revered since the 14th century, is closely linked with the name of St.Arseny Konevsky. In 1390-1393, he performed his ascetic feats at one of the monasteries on Mount Athos. When he was departing for home, the Venerable John Zidon conferred this precious shrine upon Arseny Konevsky as a blessing to him. On Mount Athos, this type of icon was known as the Mount Athos Icon of the Mother of God "Of the Akathistos," the Holy Mount Icon of the Mother of God, or the Icon of the Mother of God "The Dove." On his return, Arseny spent much time looking for a place to build a cloister. One day he found himself on Lake Ladoga not far from Konevets Island, which did not attract his attention, Arseny prayed to the Most Holy Theotokos, asking Her to show him the place where he could found a monastery. Soon a storm began on the lake and Arseny's boat was cast upon a shore on Konevets Island. Having perceived this as a sign, he put up a cross and built a cell on the island. Subsequently Arseny Konevsky went to Mounl Athos to obtain a blessing for founding a cloister. He was absent from the island for quite a long time and the brethren began to show their discontent. One day, however, Starets (religious teacher and counsellor) loakhn, praying before the icon, heard the voice of the Mother of God: "Grieve, Starets, yet tell the brethren not to go away from this place." Soon Arseny returned. A chapel was built on the site of the Theotokos' appearance. In 1576, after the miraculous sign given by the Konevets Icon of the Mother of God, a feast day was instituted in its honor to be celebrated on July 10/23.