Kozelshchina icon of Mother of God 

This holy image used to be a domestic icon of the Counts Kapnist. According to a legend, this icon was brought to Russia from Italy by a Countess Kapnist, who was Italian by birth, back in the 18th century. It was in 1880 at the village of Kozelschchina, Poltava Gubernia, a family estate of the Counts Kapnist. that the icon was glorified by a miracle. One day the count's daughter dislocated her ankle. The doctors began to treat her, but her condition did not improve and soon her other leg became crooked for no reason at all. Then the doctors advised her parents to take the girl to the Caucasus for a course of mineral water treatment, but again there was no improvement. She began to suffer from terrible dislocations of her shoulder joints, the left hip and the spinal column. Full of despair, the girl followed her mother's request and offered a fervent prayer to the most Holy Theotokos. Suddenly she felt a great relief of her pains, and soon fully recovered. Since then the icon has wrought numerous other miracles. A church was built on the estate and at that church, by the Holy Synod's decree of March 1, 1885, the Kozelshchina Monastic Community of the Nativity of the Mother of God with a hospital, a school and a home for the disabled was established. Feast day: February 21/March 6