Lamentation  at the Cross

This is one of the rarest icons of the Most Holy Theotokos. Its origin, the time of its appearance and the miracles wrought by it are unknown- Its composition consists of two parts. In the upper, larger part is a half-length representation of the Mother of God with Her arms crossed on Her breast and Her head drooping sadly. Before Her eyes is Calvary with a great cross on its top and the city of Jerusalem in the background, From the upper bar of the cross extends the handle of a sword the point of which is aimed at the heart of the Mother of God, Below, at the foot of the cross, are the tomb of Adam and his head symbolizing the entombment of the first man ou Calvary as a sacrifice in expiation for the original sin. Behind the Virgin Mary and in the lower, smaller part of the icon are the instruments of the Passion and symbols of Jesus Christ's sacrifice made to redeem the sins of humankind, No information about this icon is to be found in Church literature. There is no special feast day in its honor.