Lyubyatovo icon of the Mother of God


This is one of the oldest and most highly venerated icons in the city of Pskov. It comes from the Church of St. Nicholas the Miracle Worker at the village of Lyubyatovo. On the icon's reverse there is a cut-out reliquary, but the relics that were kept there have not survived. In 1890, a silver plaque with the following engraved inscription was attached to the reverse side of the icon: "In the summer of 1570, on Saturday of the second week of Great Lent, Tsar Ivan the Terrible, while on a punitive expedition against the people of Pskov, spent a night at this Monastery of St. Nicholas at Lyubyatovo and, standing here in the church during Matins and looking at the miracle-working icon of the Mother of God 'Eleusa,' was deeply moved in his heart and told his warriors; 'Blunt your swords with stones, and may the killings be stopped.'" This text describes the chief miracle wrought by the icon, which saved the city from ravaging by the troops led by Ivan the Terrible. There is no special feast day in honor of this icon.