Mirozh icon of the Mother of God


The appearance of this icon dates back to 1198. In it, the Mother of God is shown according to the ancient iconographic type "The Sign." Later on, two saints particularly highly venerated in Pskov—Prince St.Dov-mont and his wife, Orthodox Princess St.Maria Dimitriyevna (Marfa), the granddaughter of Alexander Nevsky—were added to the composi­tion. Prince Dovmont (Daumantas) together with his family was banished from the Nalsia Principality in 1266, after which he moved to Pskov. There he adopted Christianity and for many years waged persistent struggle against the Teutonic Order. The veneration of St.Dovmont (in Russian, Timofei) began in the 14th century. In 1567, during a plague epidemic, the icon became famous for numerous miracles and cures. The miracle-working icon was kept at the Mirozh Monastery of the Transfiguration of Our Savior, situated in the city of Pskov in the mouth of the River Mirozh. Feast day: September 24/October 7.