Petrovskaya icon of the Mother of God 


This icon was painted by St. Petr, the first Metropolitan of Moscow, approximately in 1306, when he was still the Father Superior in Volyn. The icon was presented to Metropolitan Maxim, who adorned it with precious stones and gold. Upon his death, Father Superior Geronty. wishing to be elevated to the dignity of metropolitan, took hieraichal vestments and the icon and went to Constantinople to get the appointment. There were, however, quite a few Russians, including Prince Yuri of Galich, who objected to having the Greek Geronty as their metropolitan. Prince Yuri persuaded Father Superior Petr to go to Constantinople to be raised to the high rank. Petr obeyed the Prince's wish and. having arrived in Constantinople ahead of Geronty. was consecrated metropolitan. Ceronty was delayed at sea by a storm during which the Mother of God appeared to him and prohibited him to seek the appointment to the high office, for it was God's wish that Father Superior Pctr, who had painted Her holy image, be made metropolitan. The icon has won the admiration of many believers. Patriarch lov took it along with him when he went to persuade Boris Godunov to be crowned tsar. In 1613, it was taken to Kostroma to call upon Mikhail Feodorovich Romanov to accede to the Russian throne. Feast day: August 24/September 6.