Pochaev icon of the Mother of God 


This great miracle-working icon was for 300 years kept in the monastery on Pochaev Mountain which, just as Mount Athos, was chosen by the Mother of God. In 1340, the Virgin Mary appeared in a pillar of fire at the top of the mountain, after which an impression of Her foot, filled with clear water, was left in trie rock. In 1848, this miracle-working icon saved the people of Kiev from cholera. Dating from that period is one of the icon's versions popularly known as the "footprint" icon, Instead of St. Menas, St.Elijah the Prophet, St. Stephen and St. Abraham the Righteous and the Great Martyrs Sts Catherine, Parasceve and Irene surrounding the Virgin Mary and the Pre-Eternal Infant, the Mother of God's footprint is depicted in the lower part of this icon. According to the Monastery's records, all copies of the miracle-working icon have wrought numerous miracles and cures such as curing of grave diseases, deliverance from sudden death, captivity and penalty, and showing the right way to those who err. Feast days: July 23/August 5, September 8/21 and Bright Friday.