Rudnya - Ratkovo icon of the  Mother of God  


    The appearance of this icon was observed in the township of Rudnya, Mogilev Diocese, on October 12, 1687. In 1689, a priest by the name of Vassily translated the holy image to the Kiev-Pechery Convent, which was merged with the Convent of St. Florus in 1712. Another copy of this locally venerated miracle-working icon was kept in the town of Aleshki, Kharkov Gubernia, It was made by the painter on a piece of canvas glued onto a wooden panel. According to a legend, this holy image was brought from the town of Brailov, Podolye Guberia, by Priest Petr Alexeyev approximately in 1692, during the period of persecution of the Uniates.
Numerous miracles and cures were wrought by the copies of this icon in various parts of Russia. One of these copies was kept in the church of the village of Krylatskoye near Moscow. Feast day: October 12/25.