Bor icon of the  Mother of God  "Seeking of the Lost"


This icon has been revered since the 18th century. Its earliest copy was made in 1707, but it was later, in the mid-18th century, that the icon became famous. This happened at the village of Bor, Kaluga Gubernia. A certain Fedot Obukhov, a peasant from the Bor parish, lived in the town of Bolkhov, Orel Gubernia, for some time, making rounds of nearby villages to buy hemp and hempseed. One day in winter, during a heavy snowstorm, he lost his way and stopped his sledge on the edge of an impassable ravine. The frost was growing stronger and the peasant began to freeze. Then he offered a prayer to the Most Holy Theotokos and promised Her that he would make a copy of Her icon "Seeking of the Lost" and donate it to his parish church, should he stay alive. After which he lay down in his sledge, trying to get warm, and began to doze off. The Mother of God heeded his prayers and saved him from freezing to death. One peasant from a neighboring village suddenly heard someone say, "Take it," right under his window, went out into the street and saw a horse pulling a sledge with a friend of his in it. He immediately brought his half-frozen friend into his house. Having recovered, Fedot Obukhov kept his promise and installed a copy of the Icon of the Mother of God "Seeking of the Lost" in the church at the village of Bor. Since then, the church's main shrine became famous for numerous miracles. Feast day: February 5/18.