Icon of the  Mother of God  "Seven Arrows or Melter of Evil Hearts "


The subject of this icon has been known for at least 500 years, but it was only in the early 18th century thai it appeared in Russia, apparently, having been transferred here from Roman Catholic iconography. It is assumed, that it was brought into Russia from Poland by painters V. Poznansky and I. Refusilsky. A number of versions of this Icon show the Mother of God with Her heart pierced by arrowlike swords, three on the right hand side, three on the left hand side and one from below, holding dead Infant Jesus in Her lap. In this case, the icon has a second name, "Simeon's Prophecy." Copies of this miracle-working icon are known to have wrought numer­ous cures, especially during the epidemic of cholera in 1830. Its feast days are during the Week of All Saints, on February 2/15 and on August 13/26.