Slovinka icon of Mother of God 


This miracle-working icon was invented on September 23, 1635. The legend says: "One day a certain hunter, hunting in the forests in the Makaryev Lye?d. Kostroma Gubernia, saw a very small dilapidated church with a tenllike roof, overgrown with moss and underbrush both inide and out. Having entered the church, he found in it a number of things reduced to dust by time, among which only one icon, the altar icon of the Mother of God, turned out to be intact," On the site of the Icon's invention the Slovinka Monastery of the Most Holy Theotokos was founded; later on, ii was dosed down and turned into a parish church. The miraculous icon attracted a great number of pilgrims, some of whom had their pains alleviated and their diseases cured. Feast day: September 23/October 6.