Icon of Mother of God  "The Star Most Bright"


This is an icon of a particularly rare iconographic type. The origin of its name is connected with the poetic hymns in honor of the Most Holy Theotokos. The icon shows a full-length representation of the Mother of God with a star sending forth rays of light in the background. Standing on Her right hand is the Infant Jesus. At Her feet are Murom saints: Sts Konstantin, Mikhail and Feodor arrayed in princely robes and Sts Petr, Fevronia and Uliania clad in monastic habits. Shown inside the rays of light, surrounded with clouds, are scenes associated with the lives of the Mother of God and Jesus Christ. In the bottom part of the icon is the following inscription: 'This Marvelous Image Ts the Star Most Bright of the Most Holy Lady Mother of God Queen of Heaven." There is no special feast day in honor of this icon.