Terebovlya icon of Mother of God  


This icon, popular since the 13lh century, was invented in the town ol" Terebovlya. Galich Principality, in the Ukraine. In the 13th and 14th centuries, the Roman Catholics waged persistent struggle for translation of this icon into a Roman Catholic church. In the period of constant raids into Rus by the Tatars and the Turks, who ruthlessly plundered the country- and drove people away into slavery, Christians turned with profound faith to this icon of ihe Most Holy Theotokos for help and protection. In ihe spring of 1672, the icon saved the townspeople from a 3()l},flOO-strong Turkish army. In 1673, on the orders of the Bishop of Lvov, to protect the icon from the Uniates and the Roman Catholics, it was moved to the cathedral church of the city of Lvov. In an old prayer said before this deeply venerated icon, believers ask the All-Blameless Lady to protect the world from strife and destruction and establish God's peace in human souls and everywhere on Earth, In the course of centuries the icon became famous for numerous cures. Feast day; April 6/19.