Icon of the Mother of God "Of the Three Joys"


In the early 18th century, one of the Russian painters sent by Petr the Great to Italy to complete their education, brought a copy of the icon 'The Holy Family" to Moscow and left it with a relative of his, the priest of the Church of the Holy Trinity "On the Mud" located in Pokrovka Street in Moscow. Soon he once again went abroad and died there. The priest, having learned about his death, donated the icon to his church where he installed it over the entrance to the church. About 40 years later, a certain noble lady got into serious trouble: her husband was defamed and sent into exile, her son was taken prisoner during a war, and her estate was confiscated. The woman turned in her sorrow to the Heavenly Queen with a fervent prayer and one day she heard a voice that commanded her to find an icon of the Holy Family and say a prayer before it. She spent much lime looking lot that icon and finally found it. Having said a prayer before the icon, she soon received three joyful pieces of news; her husband was acquitted, her son was delivered from captivity, and her estate was returned' to her. The icon included in this album shows the Most Holy Theotokos with the Pre-Eternal Infant. Standing on Her right is St. Joseph and on Her left, St. John the Baptist. There are also several saints in the margins, Feast day: December 26/January 8.