Yaroslavl icon of Mother of God

The time of the invention of this icon has not been established. This ancient holy image was brought to Yaroslavl in the 13th century by the Orthodox Princes Sts Vassily Vsevolodovich and Konstantin Vsevoiodovich of Yaroslavl, who became famous for the restoration of churches devastated during the invasion of the Tatar hordes led b> Khan Bam. In 1501, a stone church was built for the incorruptible relics of the two brothers upon the order of Grand Duke Ivan the Great of Muscovy. The relics were placed between the columns of the new church under the princes' old domestic icons, which included the miraculous Yaroslavl Icon of the Mother of God, Later on, the lower church in the Yaroslavl Church of St. Elijah the Prophet was consecrated in honor of this icon. Besides the iconographic type "Eicusa," There are another two versions, the Yaroslavl-Pechery and the Yaroslavl-Kazan, among the miracle-working Yaroslavl Icons of the Mother of God. Feast day; June 8/21.